Junction Video Wall--A Series

  • Main features:

    Branded LG/SAMSUNG/AUO industrial panel, supports 24 hours continuously playing

    Full hardware structure, no CPU and operating system

    Easy installation, only fix them together by metal bracket

    Easy to operating, can operate system together with software flexible, we offer free software

    Supports RS-232 serial ports remote control

    Supports multiple signal input: BNC, YPbPr, VGA, HDMI, DVI and RS232

    Images are displayed smoothly and naturally without time delay and tailing and image quality is quite smooth

    Supports 10 x 10 pieces panels splice

    Easy maintenance, if one unit is going bad, only replace it with a new one

    Wireless control: common solution

    The PC needs to connect LCD video wall with RS232 cable

    And distance should be within 10m

    The longer the cable, the weaker the signal

    Now wireless control no need to worry about how to hide the cable between the PC and the distance is within Wi-Fi range

    The new solution also supports multiple PCs to control LCD video wall

    Supports multiple user management

    Comes with 2xDVI inputs and supports two full HD signals at the same time. The common solution with one DVI input only, it requires a PC of matrix if two DVI inputs needed for the project, then the cost will increased

    Supports setup screen timer and memory function after cutting off power

    Scene management: users can save and preset the scene that want to display and can setup the scene interval in turn time

    Accessories: RS232 convertor, RJ45 convertor, VGA cable, RJ45 cable, power cable, remote controller and software

  • Junction Video Wall

    Panel: from 46 to 55inch or above LG/SAMSUNG/AUO industrial panel

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